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The Starlite Records On-Line Distribution Centre specializes only in merchandising product by either the Legends of Classic Rock 'n' Roll, or those that keep the music alive today. We are a ONE-STOP Shop were goods can be purchased securely either on-line, or by fax and snail mail.

Most of thes CD's, Cassettes and Videos are produced and promoted by the bands, artists or their management consequently they are not available in retail stores and would normally have to be purchased at one of their shows. The standard of most of the product is excellent, recently recorded and represents a wide cross section of styles that fall into the category 'Rock 'n' Roll'.

Once you choose which product you want, hit the buy button and fill in the Order Form. Your payments can be made by using the ON LINE FORM and choosing...
Your order is emailed to you after it is submitted and approved.

You can also use the TEXT FORM which can be either faxed or mailed.

Once payments are recieved product will be shipped which should be recieved within a few days. If your order is not recieved within 7 days, please email us the date of your order, what you bought, the amount and how you paid for it.

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