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Many of the Rock greats have passed on to that big show in the sky but those who cherish their memory still keep the fires going with home pages etc., They are listed here together with fans clubs and links to those stars who are still with us in body as well as spirit. Many other celebrities from sport and movie are also listed here. Enjoy this trip back to the 'good days'....
If you know of any sites please let us know so we can make them available to all our visitors.

Fan Clubs

Go button Lonnie Lee Aussie Rocker from the fifties still going strong today !!
Go button Buddy Knox Great 50's Rocker
Go button Paul Evans 7 Little Girls sittin'...
Go button Bobby Helms His memory lingers on.. Special Angel and other greats
Go button 3 Dog Night They had many hits in the 70's
Go button Johnny O'KeefeAustralia's first King of Rock
Go button The Diamonds The Official Site - Mike Douglas, Little Darlin' and more
Go button The DiamondsA USA Site
Go button The Diamonds An Australian Site
Go button Yahoo Fan Club Search Not all of them, but many..
Go button This could be your fanclub site
Go button Words to Elvis songs
Go button Sydney Directory Celebrity pages

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