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Many of these songs are associated with popular Line dances that were done at
Lonnie Lee's DANCE RANCH show.
Some of those dances are listed but they are not necessary in actual track order.

See it here Buy it NOW ST805c - Starlite Records

Lonnie Lee - SOLID GOLD cassette

Featuring remakes of many of his Gold Hits as well as some songs from his past shows. The production features an orchestra as well as The Flanagans Vocal group who were on his original recordings. All in all an extremely popular CD, Vinyl and Cassette.


1 Old Time Rock n Roll Outback
2 Starlight Starbright Tush Push - 4 Corners
3 Sitting by the river Sierra Rose
4 Defenceless Easy Walkin'
5 Rocky Top Rocky Top
6 Yes Indeed I do Double Dippin' - Outback
7 I Found a new love SK Shuffle
8 Sit around & talk Foot Boogie - Blue Moon
9 Buddy Holly Medley
10 Don't you know Pretty Baby
11 I can't stop loving you
12 When the bells stop ringing
13 That's when your heartaches
14 S.O.S Sad Over Someone
15 Such a night
16 Ain't it so
17 Crying Time
18 Piano Rock Medley Panhandle - Tahoe Kick

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Lonnie Lee - DON'T LOOK BACK cassette

Lonnie's own adult contemporary songs include some he wrote for Roy Orbison. CD & cassette


1 Good Rockin' Tonight Scootin'- Bootscoot Boogie
2 Love is here tonightt Cowboy Cha Cha
3 Knock on your door Sleazy Cowboy - Ramblin'
4 Ring a Ding Thunderbolt - No way hose'
5 Rain Easy walkin' - Island Track
6 In love again
7 Low Down feeling
8 Scoobie Doobie
9 Holy Christmas
10 It takes me back to baby
11 I'm in love with Australia
12 I'm Hurtin'
13 Goodbye is not forever

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Lonnie Lee - ELVIS TRIBUTE cassette

The same arrangements used by Elvis on his live shows also The Imperials and backup group. Lonnie sings them his way to this great rockin' orchestra. Cassette only


1 Preamble - The King is Gone
2 CC Rider
3 You gave me a mountain
4 Teddy Bear
5 Don't be Cruel
6 Suspicious Minds
7 Jailhouse Rock
8 Burning Love
9 My Way
10 It's Now or Never
11 Can't help falling in love
12 Epilogue

See it here Buy it here ST808c Starlite Records

Lonnie Lee - The SUNSHINE TAPES cassette

10 songs recorded in 1970 most of them unreleased. Features 'NEW' and interesting 1970's versions of his hits 'Starlight Starbright', 'I found a new love' and 'Yes Indeed I do'. 4 of them are his own compositions, one of them was Roy Obison's favourite of Lonnie's songs, another,(Bide my Time), he wrote for Johnny Cash. A must for any real Lonnie Lee collector.

No. TITLE Comments

1 Hello Love
2 The Traveller
3 I found a new love Very different to his 1960 original
4 S.O.S. Sad Over Someone The Big O wanted to record this one!
5 Yes Indeed I do Much punchier than the 1960 one.
6 Starlight Starbright Horns and a great typical 70's version
7 Bide my Time He wrote it for Johnny Cash
8 That's when your heartaches
9 Young Love
10 Personality

See it here Buy it here ST810c Starlite Records

Lonnie Lee - SOFT & EASY cassette

Recorded in Muscle Shoals USA in 1976, it features 10 adult contemporary songs of that time. They are all original songs and show his easy interpretation of them. It's very different to anything he had done to that time.


1 (I'm) Holding On
2 Woman
3 Cheatin'
4 The Girl I never knew
5 A Fool again
6 Made for me
7 Killing a good man
8 We're gonna make it
9 My stand by lover
10 Could have loved you better

See it here Buy it here ST804c Starlite Records

The Living Legends of SIX O'CLOCK ROCK cassette

Many of the regular stars of Australia's first live music Rock show got together in the mid 80's and recorded either their own hits or those of J O'K, The Delltones and Johnny Rebb. Great orchestra with The Flanagans vocal group with Claire Poole who were on most of the original hits.
Excellent reviews and a great historic CD, Vinyl and cassette album.


1 Lonnie Lee Starlight Starbright
2 Barry Stanton Beggin' on my knees
3 Noelene Batley Barefoot Boy
4 Alan Dale She's my baby
5 The Fauns/Flanagans Get a little dirt on your hands
6 Johnny Devlin Doreen
7 Adam/Ian B McLeod I wanna Love you
8 Lonnie Lee Yes Indeed I do
9 Lucky Starr I've been everywhere
10 Warren Williams A Star fell from heaven
11 Roland Storm Sing Sing Sing
12 Lonnie Lee I found a new love
13 De Kroo Bros Het Sheriff
14 Tony Brady I'm Counting on you
15 Jay Justin Proud of you
16 Woomera Orchestra 55 Days at Peking

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