Whilst Alan Dale and J O'k were slowly starting thier music careers in the Eastern suburbs of Sydney, the far Western suburbs had their participants as well, mainly Lonnie Lee then living at East Bankstown later to become Greenacre, and Col Joye who was living at the last stop of the railway line on the George's River at East Hills.

Col was the second eldest of the Jacobson family. Kevin the eldest was a piano player and he decided to start a trio with Col on guitar and vocals and youngest brother Keith on an electric bass that they had built.

In late 1958 they started promoting pure Rock 'n' Roll dances in the Western suburbs and quickly built up a fan base which he kept right up until he retired from singing, in the early 1990's. His style was very personable on and off stage and it wasn't long before he was challenging J.O'k for the top spot. He also performed many times at the Sydney Stadium and across Australia to capacity audiences and became the main music performer on T.V's Bandstand.

From his first Festival release he had hit after hit !

His first major hit was Bye Bye baby and this was followed by .. Clementine, Oh Yeah Huh Huh, Teenage baby, Bad man, Yes Sir that's my baby, Today's Teardrops and Heaven is my woman's love. There were many other singles amd albums and he was to become the major seller on the Festival Records label.

Col, Keith and their sister Carol, under the guidance of big brother Kevin, built up their ATA booking agency and studio to become one of Australia's leading promoters even as we speak. Now called Kevin Jacobson Promotions they have taken over a little from where Lee Gordon left off as importers of interntional talent and Broadway shows.
Col Joye and the Joyboys performed right up until he fell out of a tree whilst pruning it in the early 1990's. This accident left him unable to put any real time into his performing and he consequently retired. He never tried for international success although went to Japan and Asia for shows .

After J O'K he was the next to have No.1 records and his Superstar popularity cannot be questioned. He will always be remembered for his easy smiling presence on stage and for his part in the pioneering of Australia's music industry.

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