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An overview from the forthcoming Starlite Records' CD Rom publication..
'The Roots of Australian Rock-n-Roll'

Over the years --

Once the English Invasion and the 'Sex Drugs and Rock'n'Roll' syndrome took hold in the mid-late 60's, rock started to change it's form from melodious songs with a heavy back-beat to songs that featured the electronic sounds of the moment. Whenever a new sound was discovered, it started a new style of music and this even holds up until today.

The first major shifts in this direction were caused by the fact that amplifiers were now made from transistor components as opposed to the softer 'valve' predecessors. The wattages went from 50 watt amps to thousands! This also introduced the guitar distortion effects that has led to a virtually endless range of effects now available.

The lyrical messages changed from basic 'love songs' between teenager lovers, to songs about the social problems of the world or any one person in it. The wars in various areas of the world sparked a mass of songs about 'love and war' with depressing over-tones and that tied in with the growing drug culture. Rock was getting sick to it's stomach!

As the generations went from teenagers to adults and new teenagers came into vogue, they brought with them a desire for their 'newer' music. This spiral has gone on and on over the last 30 odd years and more than likely will never end.

It might be argued by some that mass appeal music is now better than ever, however I wouldn't be game to bring forth this view at a 'baby boomers' get together or 'Classic Rock Show'! Even through the 'noisiest' of times there have been great talents who shone through. There are too many of them to name, however Stevie Wonder, Elton John, Barbra, Whitney, Celine, Ray and many others cut through the 'format' radio restrictions to bring 'melody' with creative singing and arrangements to the world.

Even though they do not have the high profile they had during their heydays, many of the original Rock'n'Roll heroes kept on performing, show after show, week after week, year after year. Many of them still perform today and once again demanding high fees in return for large audiences. Original Rock'n'Roll innovators such as Little Richard, Chuck Berry, Fats Domino and many others, are still packing them in!

A few have recently visited Australia where 40 years ago they captured the hearts of many young Aussie teenagers. Fabian, The Diamonds, The Everly Bros, Neil Sedaka, Paul Anka, Crash Craddock, Bobby Vee, Johnny Tillotson, Chan Romero to name just some.

Many of Australia's original stars are also still performing. Lonnie Lee, Alan Dale, Warren Williams, Johnny Devlin, Barry Stanton, Jay Justin, Adam, The Delltones, Judy Stone, Roland Storm, Jade Hurley, The DeKroos Bros and so many more.

Among those having to retire was Col Joye who up until his 'injury' stepped onto at least one stage somewhere in Australia every week.

A few have passed on to that great 'Rock'n'Roll Heaven' and as time goes on more and more will join their friends from that era gone by.

Greats such as Elvis, Gene, Ricky, Carl and Roy are all rehearsing for the day when every one of our Rock'n'Roll hereos leaves the earth auditirium and walks onto that 'heavenly stage'.

If you have enjoyed Rock'n'Roll at any stage in your life, these stars, either directly or indirectly tapped into your soul and injected you with some fantastic enjoyment that you will remember all your life.

Remember them with love

The Starlite publication of 'The Roots of Australian Rock-n-Roll' will be released early 2000 to coincide with the Anniversary of Australia's music industry...If you are would like to be on the e-mailing list to be notified when it is due for release. Please email your name, address, phone and e-mail address.

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